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Understanding IT Provider Reports: A Comprehensive Guide to What You Should Expect

What Reports Should You Expect from Your IT Provider?

The relationship between a business and its IT provider is crucial. When engaging with an IT company, you expect more than just technical support; you want transparency and a deep understanding of what's going on with your systems. But how do you decipher the often complicated reports they send? Here's how you can expect more from your IT Provider, with a focus on the reporting that truly matters.

Understanding Your IT Provider's Perspective

Here's a universally known fact: Most IT companies are run by IT professionals. That means that the reporting provided might often be filled with tech jargon. For a nontechnical executive, these reports can appear useless.

Unfortunately, some providers convince themselves that their clients do not care about reporting. But they're wrong. You, like many other business leaders, prefer good, straightforward reporting on the state of your systems. That's where Wellforce can help.

Monthly Reports You Should Be Receiving

Every provider should be providing monthly insights. Here's what you should expect:

Backup Reports

This should be simple. What devices are being backed up and have the backups been successfully tested and completed? How often is this done? Ensuring your data is backed up is not a technical thing and does require staying engaged to ensure this is getting done. If you’re working with a good provider, you should not have to worry about doing this. However, it would be concerning if they have not been providing these reports.

Asset Management

How do you know how many computers you have in place? What is their age? Who is working on these computers? What other devices is your provider managing for you? If you are not getting this report, ask your provider to start ASAP. This should be a proactive report indicating which computers should be considered for replacement in the coming quarters so you can budget properly.

Security Reports

It is difficult to cut out all of the technical on these reports, so some may come off as intimidating. However, as long as they have simplified the important parts into GREEN or RED, you should be in good shape. Either way, make sure your systems are being patched on a regular basis. Ironically, this is one of the most powerful tools for the IT provider to show their value. Look at everything we’re blocking!

Service Tickets

This is the lowest-value report, but you should be getting it, nonetheless. How many service tickets have your IT team completed this month? A good IT provider is looking forward, so reporting on past tickets may not be on their mind. That’s okay and they really shouldn’t be dinged for this. If this report interests you, you can request they set this up for you or that you are provided access to the client portal with this reporting.

Evaluating Your Provider

If your provider is consistently sending you favorable reports in these areas, that's great! But if they are falling short or getting defensive when you ask, it may be time to consider a more mature provider.

Contact Wellforce

At Wellforce, we understand the importance of transparent, understandable reporting. Reach out today, and let’s see if we can partner together to help your business excel.

Contact us now to schedule a quick phone call, and discover how we can make your IT reporting more valuable and your business more successful.


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