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Why Wellforce


Your workforce continues to increase in complexity as you face a growing list of challenges from new environments, increased cybersecurity threats, and rapidly evolving technology.


Wellforce has designed a unique approach to managed services designed to deliver the best practices in IT management and support with the flexibility needed to meet the unique and evolving needs of each of our clients.


How IT Works


Craft a personalized service for your organization using our modular approach to managed IT services, projects, and dedicated staffing solutions.


Wellforce Flex Plans



Step 1. Select Your Managed IT Plan

24X7 Management & Support

Select from our foundation offerings that include management of your core infrastructure, cloud applications and services, networking and connectivity, security, device management, and the ultimate IT support experience for employees.  Each of our plans includes flex credits for Step 2.


Step 2. Use Your Flex Credits to Optimize and Upgrade 

Project services

Included in your managed IT plan are annual flex credits that can be applied towards assessments, implementation, and optimization of new technologies and solutions.  


Step 3. Add an Optional Dedicated Engineer 

Dedicated experts

Wellforce has decades of experience recruiting and retaining the very best talent in the IT industry. Gain access to this incredible pool of engineers and developers with our dedicated staffing with programs ranging from one day a week to full-time engagements.


Create An Exceptional IT Experience

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